making cheating at word games really easy

Wurdit is a collection of tools for finding words for word games, especially that one with all the tiles and the grid, anagram of CLABBERS.

If you’re a big fat word game cheater and need a sort of anagram, use the word solver. If you’re kind of a cheater under the guise of a curious wordsmith who likes to look up all kinds of words, check the word finder. Perhaps you’re totally not a cheater and you just need to settle an argument, try the word checker. Whatever you’re after, it’s all here.

The words you’ll find here come from either SOWPODS or TWL depending on your location. You can switch the word list at the bottom of any page.

Wurdit is a young and delicate app, as in it works but you may find problems. If you find anything obviously wrong with it, do drop me a note, and we’ll see what we can do.